Marketing Machine 2: Your Website

The second installment in my Social Media Marketing Series.

To build durable customer relationships, you need your own website.


All the pieces of online marketing–the ability to track visitors, test ideas, measure results, and build a client base-

-revolve around your website. This is the heart of the Marketing Machine. Every service or tool you use feed into your website, because this is where you build durable, recurring customer relationships. Social media platforms may be perfectly willing to sell you market-segmented ads, but you don’t own it–you’re just renting space in their shop. The connections and relationships they sell you are transitory and variable, depending on how they choose to promote your posts (or not).

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Marketing Machine 1: Social Media That Works

This is the first in a Social Media Marketing series I’m writing (in coordination with the Workshop I’m running at the BIC, every third Thursday through the new year).

…There is no business which does not benefit from some reputation management. The reason is simple: even if you don’t talk about yourself, other people will. And a conspicuous lack of information creates assumptions that a business lacks experience, or may have something to hide.

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An Automatic Conversion Machine

Here is my inaugural social media marketing article. I think I’ll have a lot more to say about this; I really think small businesses and entrepreneurs could get a lot more out of social media if they understood how it connected to the success of their website and their marketing funnels.

An Automatic Conversion Machine

Content management systems like WordPress and Joomla make it easy to start a blog to educate and engage customers and build your brand. There are so many good reasons to have a blog, and yet the number of abandoned company blogs suggests people aren’t getting enough value out of them. A company blog is like home fitness equipment: it can be a game-changer for those with time, commitment and a solid plan. But they can also seem like an expensive waste of effort that’s soon abandoned. Unless you have clear g

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WordPress Words: Back-End

As one of the editors for my Clark College WordPress class with Lorelle VanFossen, I also wrote several articles explaining the basis of WP at a “client help desk” level. This one explains what the heck that WP Developer means when they say “login to the back end”.

The back-end of WordPress is primarily the administrator panel, but also includes anywhere you can post or modify content or settings.  When used as a verb rather than a noun, adding content is a back-end action which requires login and privileges on that blog. On the other hand, commenting, liking…

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